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First off, I’m not a counsellor, nor am I a doctor, or in any profession that could possibly tell you how to properly support a sexual assault survivor. I am simply just one of thousands of survivors in this world. I am a survivor, but that is not all I am. I am a daughter, a friend, a sister, an animal lover, a writer, a student, a human. Before being a survivor, I am a person. I have made the mistake of allowing my assaults to become the entirety of me; letting them become this black hole that was slowly…

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When it comes to defining privilege, the media does it best. Privilege is when you do not have to worry about yours and the people around you’s every move. If you get pulled over by an officer and you are not afraid of what may come next, you have privilege. If you can go for a run in the afternoon without fear, you have privilege. If you can walk in and out of a store without raising suspicion, you have privilege. If people do not cross the street because of the colour of your skin, you have privilege. …

Lauryn Evans

Poet, writer, and frequent tangents

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